Our indoor cyclists among the best in the world

Stuttgart, Germany, Porsche Arena. Tamás Árendás, Vivien Balogh, Zsófia Hugyecz, Viktor Ruttner, Martin Schön, Julianna Sugta, Vilmos Toma and Csaba Varga represented Hungary at the World Championships. And in more ways than one! Top 10 results and breathtaking routines from the Hungarians.

Few communities were more united than the indoor cycling team at the 2021 World Championships in Germany. Nothing shows this better than the fact that we were able to follow the - as yet undeservedly under-reported - artist cycling and cycling-ball competitions live, even in the absence of international coverage, as our riders gave each other's exercises live on the biggest social networking sites. The way they helped and supported each other was inspiring in itself, and keeping up with the world's best was the icing on the cake.

In cycling, Tamás Árendás and Vilmos Toma finished second in the B final and 8th overall, while in artistic cycling Csaba Varga finished 6th, Martin Schön 7th, Vivien Balogh and Julianna Sugta also 8th and Zsófi Hugyecz 11th. The preparations were not easy, as the restrictions of the last year made it difficult to use the indoor hall, but our indoor cyclists trained and prepared hard and the results were rewarded.